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Got this sticker from the Game Workers Unite! booth at OrcaCon. đŸ¤£

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Hearthstone Inn

   I found it! Now where’s my Legendary?

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Enthusiastically Towed

Funny parking sign in Harmonix lot near Central Square.

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Titanfall Book

A few weeks ago I won the March Madness contest run by the DLC gaming podcast. This awesome book, The Art of Titanfall, my prize, just arrived! I got several wrong in the early rounds (I was generally favoring influential classics

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Number One

That rare moment when you’re the top high score on Game Center… Because there are only 10 players in the whole world for a game that just came out.

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PAX East 2012 Indie Megabooth

Intro Early this year, I made my fifth PAX pilgrimage, this time to PAX East 2012. Even though we only attended two days (because of Easter Sunday and impending travel), we managed to fit in a mix of activities, including

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Kickstarting Apps

I have a tiny Kickstarter problem, but I mostly manage to resist. Earlier this year my excitement for backing video games overwhelmed me a bit, as you can see. I’m excited especially for The Banner Saga, but like any preorder,

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Reamde by Neal Stephenson My rating: 5 of 5 stars Neal Stephenson is my favorite author, so it is probably no surprise that I tore through this book in just a couple of days and gave it five stars. I

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PAX East 2010

Best. PAX. Evar. PAX East was my third Penny Arcade eXpo, and in many ways my best… but as others have addressed, also an unfortunate reminder of how hard it is to manage a convention hall full of geeks, nerds,

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Top 200 Video Games of All Time According to Game Informer

Introduction Oh yeah, I have a blog! Lots has been going on in the intervening months (see my Twitter feed for short attention span details), but I figured a video game post during NaBloPoMo would be a good way to

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