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  • iOS 14 Home Screen

    iOS 14 brings Widgets and the App Library so I decided to do my first major reorganization since folders were introduced. Here was the state of my phone right after updating to iOS 14 but before making any changes: In the process of moving most apps into the App Library I removed a few that…

  • Meeple is a Word

    My Scrabble and Letterpress play would be better if the dictionaries were nerdier.

  • Validated

    Apple ID Family Sharing really gets me.

  • A Storm of Words

    In the game of QuickType, you win or you die. (QuickType’s suggestion: “In the game of QuickType, you can get the best thing ever when you are not in my room for a long time.”)

  • Number One

    That rare moment when you’re the top high score on Game Center… Because there are only 10 players in the whole world for a game that just came out.

  • Backup in Progress

    I like my nerdy volume names.