Tag: meta

  • Instagram-negative

    If you were on the media social much shortly before Christmas, you no doubt heard quite the kerfuffle about changes to Instagram’s Terms of Service that would take effect on January 16th, 2013, in part related to Facebook’s purchase of the service earlier last year. While much of this response was overblown, and based on…

  • Offline in Mali

    I will be in Mali for the next two weeks, coming back late on the 19th. My sister’s wedding is on the 16th. I expect to have minimal-to-no internet access during that time, so you probably won’t hear from me via e-mail, Twitter, or otherwise.

  • Spam Comment Poetry

    I’ve been getting a lot of blocked spam comments, mostly from Russian IP addresses. I clear them out once a week or so, and tweak my IP address filters. You’ll probably never see them, as I block comments that aren’t from a previous poster or a verified OpenID. However, in clearing them out today I…

  • FeedBurner

    Links and brief explanation of FeedBurner feed and comment feed for the blog.

  • I Cast Resurrect Blog

    The inaugural post of my return to blogging (this time on a self-hosted WordPress install instead of LiveJournal). I hope my post frequency will be higher than it has been the past 3.5 years.