Tag: grass

  • Olaf, Noooo!!!

    Sven was a better character anyway.

  • Frosted

    I captured a few shots of the frost we’ve had the last two days, mostly in our shaded front yard. I’m really impressed with the detail a phone camera can capture these days… even when it overwhelms my server!

  • Morning Glory

       When weeding the other day, I came across this very determined vine.

  • Lawn Care

       Mowed the hard way. Good workout before it rains.

  • Ladybug

      This might be one of those invasive species lookalike beetles, but I liked the chance for a macro shot with my phone while weeding. 

  • Crop Circles

      The marks left on the grass by Theo’s playset always reminds me of Star Trek IV’s Klingon Bird-of-prey.

  • Mown

     Freshly cut grass and long shadows.