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  • Meet Pike

    Meet Pike

    After over two years we decided that our family needed a dog again. Yesterday we picked up this little cuteness widget, whom we’ve named Pike (after the Starfleet captain and the public market). Like our previous pooch, Mr. Darcy, he is a Yorkie, although it looks like Pike will end up being quite a bit…

  • Tech Support

       It’s Christmas Eve, so I’m helping my family upgrade Yosemite to El Capitan.

  • Validated

    Apple ID Family Sharing really gets me.

  • Uncle Trouble

    My dad’s older brother, Michael Ward, died on Wednesday. While my dad told me the news yesterday morning, I don’t think it entirely hit me until I saw his obituary, though I had partially processed the idea that the man we knew was largely gone after his massive stroke almost six years ago. Uncle Mike…