Tag: darcy

  • Side-Eye

    Darcy feels that he used to get way more pictures taken of him.

  • Darcy Helps

    Oh, you wanted to tuck in this corner?

  • Tug of War

    Burst mode makes action selfies much more viable. Here’s Darcy and I playing with his moose.

  • One (1) Fluffy Dog

    Darcy, post-bath, post-scrooshle.

  • Kayak Puppy

    I don’t think he’s having any of this. (He chose not to go out on the lake with me.)

  • Treat?

    Hey man, what are you getting out of your bag? Is it for me? It best be for me.

  • Lapdog

    On the road. I think he’s putting my leg to sleep…

  • Look, a puppy!

    There, I feel much better.

  • Betrayal

    Why would you do this thing?

  • Darcy & Andrle in the Snow

    Darcy wanted to be picked up, with all the snow on our road.