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  • The Last 10 Y

    If I had to summarize my last decade in the cheesiest way possible, it would be with the phrase “growing together”: I met Andrle just a bit over 10 years ago. All of my major life events since then have been our major life events: engagement, marriage, birth of a child, new jobs, many moves……


      Someone in Vancouver wins a prize for best bumper sticker, vanity plate, and car color combination. That or the Doctor fixed the chameleon circuit.

  • Fiat Fir

    Well, technically a pine. Apartment sized! Setting it up soon.

  • Diskettes

    Car parked on Bay State Road. Mostly 5.25″, some 3.5″.

  • Treat?

    Hey man, what are you getting out of your bag? Is it for me? It best be for me.

  • Lapdog

    On the road. I think he’s putting my leg to sleep…

  • 2001: A Fiat Odyssey

    Putting some mileage on Quasar, we celebrate the odometer numbers that really matter.