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  • The Muppets Meet Murderbot

    A few travel pictures as we head to Disneyland and then Oma’s.

    The sunlit slopes of Mt. Rainier as we fly past the western flank heading south.

    The faintly visible Hollywood sign on final approach into LAX.

    Waiting for the shuttle bus to Disney and enjoying the Saarinen.

    Cruising down one of LA’s numerous freeways only to see a spent Falcon booster at the SpaceX facility.

    The view to the east from the hotel lounge of Downtown Disney and in the background a few of the Disneyland attractions sticking up above the trees.

  • Fox Ferocity

    Pike playing with a toy almost as big as he is.

  • Groomed Pike

    Tiny freshly groomed Yorkie sits on a teal couch wearing a monstera bow tie

    I love this little gentleman.

  • The Kale Wanter

    A small black and brown Yorkie stands on a cream rug in front of a brown cupboard begging for the bunch of lacinato kale in hand in the foreground.
  • Puck Mouse

    An elegant weapon for a more civilized age.

    A blue and white USB puck mouse sitting on beige carpet

  • Seattle After Dark

    Seattle skyline at night with Space Needle in center, with Christmas lights on top

    We were wandering the neighborhood to see light displays and ended up at Kerry Park’s iconic view.