Tag: airplane

  • Planes on a Train

    Yesterday while waiting for the bus to Magnolia along Elliot Ave, a train carrying three Boeing 737 fuselages went by. Presumably heading south to Boeing Field from the Everett plant? EDIT: Correction from my uncle and dad: these fuselages were probably built at Wichita, KS Spirit AeroSystems plant and are heading for the Renton Boeing…

  • Blue Angels

    We got a little acrobatic show as we were driving north on 99 past the port.

  • Air Swarthmore

        Hard to tell in this grainy zoom, but as we landed upriver at PHL I snapped a shot of my destination: Swarthmore College and my 10-year reunion. You can just make out the smokestack, water tower, and bell tower.

  • Frozen

    I think this is the Columbia River in eastern Washington, but I’m not sure since I had the window shade closed because of the sunrise. This landscape looks otherworldly under the snow — almost like the surface of Europa?

  • Hoodrise

    Sunrise over Mount Hood, peeking through the clouds shortly after AS30 takeoff from PDX.

  • Bear on the Wing

    Griswold the Bear on Frontier, DEN ✈ PDX.