Category: Video Games

  • Empty Expo Hall

    Wish I could play with the demos now…

  • Full Expo Hall

    PAX was crazy busy today. I stuck to the tabletop area mostly.

  • PAX East 2012 Indie Megabooth

    Intro Early this year, I made my fifth PAX pilgrimage, this time to PAX East 2012. Even though we only attended two days (because of Easter Sunday and impending travel), we managed to fit in a mix of activities, including the keynote from Jordan Mechner, the Saturday night concert featuring JoCo, a few panels, and […]

  • Top 200 Video Games of All Time According to Game Informer

    Introduction Oh yeah, I have a blog! Lots has been going on in the intervening months (see my Twitter feed for short attention span details), but I figured a video game post during NaBloPoMo would be a good way to get back on the wagon, even if I’m not actually posting every day during November. […]

  • Spending Time

    Playing with Wolfram I was inspired by a recent tweet by Doc Searls to play with Wolfram|Alpha and get some stats on how old I am. In particular, if you make a query of the form [<month name> <day of month>, <4-digit year> birthday] Wolfram|Alpha (why is there a pipe in the middle of the […]