Category: Art

  • First Masterpiece

    Working exclusively in the app Paper by FiftyThree, Theo is entering his abstract period.

  • Limericks on Request

    Inspired by Andrew’s rediscovery of the thoroughly excellent archaic word “merlimewes“, and taking a friend’s suggestion to incorporate into a limerick with a rhyme on “curlicues”, I present the following: There once was a lady from Boston, a city she often got lost in. She made so many merlimewes it put her hair in curlicues,…

  • Spam Comment Poetry

    I’ve been getting a lot of blocked spam comments, mostly from Russian IP addresses. I clear them out once a week or so, and tweak my IP address filters. You’ll probably never see them, as I block comments that aren’t from a previous poster or a verified OpenID. However, in clearing them out today I…