Month: June 2013

The Pie

More will be had tonight, a la mode.

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Apple Powers

The pie requires 8 apples. I sliced each apple into 32 slices, depth-first. This pie will thus contain exactly 256 slices. This makes me far happier than it should.

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Bush Briefs

We found the most amazing paper doll set in a tub of Andrle’s old things.

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Hey man, what are you getting out of your bag? Is it for me? It best be for me.

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On the road. I think he’s putting my leg to sleep…

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I think this shelf is done, right?

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A Better git-svn Log

This morning, Devon tweeted a great git tip that shows how to create a git alias that produces more readable git logs. I decided I wanted to set this up. At work, we use a central Subversion repository, but a number of

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