Day: October 21, 2004

Shiny New Tab Key!

After three weeks of typing with just the under-key nubbin, my tab key is back to full functionality! The new one is literally shinier – there’s not three years of heavy wear on it, or finger grease. didn’t overcharge

Welcome to Bizarro-Swarthmore

I think we slipped into Bizarro-Swarthmore over break. It started with NuPont, which seemed innocuous enough. Then the year began with New Dorm. Again, something we could all live with. But then October Break brought us both Neo-Co-Op and Nega-Hicks,

Scrabble Ass-Whupin’

My parental units gave me a nice new Scrabble board for my birthday. Emery and I inaugurated it with a game tonight, and I had my ass handed to me from here ’til Tuesday and up a creek without a