Day: August 7, 2004

  • The Muppets Meet Murderbot

    So it turns out that a martini is pure alcohol. Who knew?

    It made moving seem effortless, at any rate. Just to stave off the accusations of unnecessary drunkenness, the occasion was a martini party to celebrate ‘s new employment after almost a month of unemployment. He is known for his abilities as a bartender, and I felt that getting a basic gin martini (with olive, of course) would be appropriate. Luke ate my olive.

    After my first stop at the party, I returned to ML. Fellow sysadmins Dan and Branen helped me load up my stuff into Dan’s car and take it up to campus for storage in the SCCS media lounge.

    As an interesting side note, Public Safety actually called backup (that means both trucks were present) before investigating our activities at Tarble. They just wanted to see our IDs, and that we (seemed to) have keys. Certainly the most thorough examination I’ve ever received from them. Usually they just stick their heads in when I’m working late in Hicks, and because I’m at a computer, they assume that I’m supposed to be there. They also asked for me in particular, since my name was on all of the boxes that we had offloaded at the curb. After a brief inspection (complete with menacing of large flashlights), they radioed in an all-clear. Very amusing. I feel reeeeaaaal safe. What if we had been trying to blow up Tarble?

    All I have left is the stuff that’s going with me to the airport, and a box that will contain my bedding. Since the plan is to go to Java Joe’s tomorrow morning for brunch with the Yale House crew, I don’t think I will have any problems getting that stuff to where it belongs. My only worry is storing my newly-acquired whiteboard for the the next three weeks. Methinks that the Yale House porch will be an optimal location…

  • Fox Ferocity

    Pike playing with a toy almost as big as he is.

  • Groomed Pike

    Tiny freshly groomed Yorkie sits on a teal couch wearing a monstera bow tie

    I love this little gentleman.

  • The Kale Wanter

    A small black and brown Yorkie stands on a cream rug in front of a brown cupboard begging for the bunch of lacinato kale in hand in the foreground.
  • Puck Mouse

    An elegant weapon for a more civilized age.

    A blue and white USB puck mouse sitting on beige carpet

  • Seattle After Dark

    Seattle skyline at night with Space Needle in center, with Christmas lights on top

    We were wandering the neighborhood to see light displays and ended up at Kerry Park’s iconic view.