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Lego Robots

Two large projection screens show close up Lego robot action on the tables set up in the foreground.Watching a bunch of elementary and middle schoolers compete in the FIRST Washington Lego Robotics “Animal Allies” Seattle Semifinals, hosted by Amazon. Some cool obstacles/challenges!

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Hello World

The view from inside Amazon Day 1, 3rd floor, overlooking 7th and Blanchard. The large 'Hello World' sign is visible in the window reflection on the left, and the actual lit D is visible from behind on the right, all before Queen Anne Hill in the distance a grey Seattle afternoon sky.

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Foggy Christmas

Looking north out of our windows over Republican St down the alley between Amazon Fiona building and Union office tower under construction. A thin slice of Lake Union and distant Wallingford are cloaked in yellow-blue fog. The colored lights of our Christmas tree are reflected in the foreground.
A foggy Merry Christmas from South Lake Union! 

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Candy Land

All four meeples are on the board in the Molasses Swamp.The cousins are playing Candy Land and like this rare board state where everyone is close together.

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Full of Stars

A closed 13" MacBookPro12,1 is connected to a widescreen monitor featuring an image of the rainbow colored stargate from the end of Kubrick's "2001: A Space Odyssey"Got my new work monitor, a Dell U3417W 34″ curved widescreen. I already feel more productive!

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A screenshot from the King County Elections web site confirming that my vote by mail ballot has been received and checked.My ballot will be counted!

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Selfie of Nick in a Star Trek tee riding the Monorail with Seattle zipping by in the background.

Birthday fun: Monorail commute!

View of 99 tunnel exit portal construction from the Monorail.Part of Gehry's roof for the Experience Music Project as the monorail pulls into Seattle Center Station.

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Two King County Department of Elections Official Ballot envelopesI’m with her!

(And a number of ballot initiatives I need to research further.)

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Engineering Majors

Two locked white utility doors in a beige tile wall; one sign reads Electrical, the other MechanicalYou must choose!

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Sunset Needle

The last glow of sunset over the Olympics behind a brightly lit Space Needle as seen from our South Lake Union rooftop.

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