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Jack o’ Lanterns

A dimly lit red front door with a fall wreath. Above it to the left is a cloth ghost; at the foot of the door are three pumpkins, two of which are carved with traditional spooky faces and lit with candles.

Happy Halloween!

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A rougly 10 foot tall maple sapling has turned bright red and started to lose its leaves. It stands in the front yard in front of a light tan house with a red door. Halloween bat decorations silhouette the front window.
The maple in the front yard has turned bright red!

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Boston Logan International Airport and downtown Boston are visible beyond the winglets of an Alaska Air 737-900 as the plane comes in for a landing, the afternoon sun glinting off of the Inner Harbor and various rivers.
Flying into Boston from the west before turning around to land.

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So this vague eschatological tract arrived in the mail today from Truth Triumphant, addressed to Resident. Not sure how we got on this list…


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Quantum Mechanics

A set of wooden IKEA trains is being played with on brown carpeting. Two symmetric paths after a split are set up, one train on each, one path obscured by a red plastic tunnel, mimicking certain laser experiments.
It’s never too early to start explaining the observer effect.

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