Dude, You’re Getting Dell

One of my coworkers appears to have metamorphosed into many Dell monitors.

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Cold Sunrise

Theo has us up early! Looks very cold out. I can hear the garbage being collected.

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Alewife Fog

The whole station is cloudy inside.

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Darcy feels that he used to get way more pictures taken of him.

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Train over the Hudson

Backlit by the sunset as we take the Castleton-on-Hudson bridge of the Berkshire Connector back towards Massachusetts.

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We ate their eggs yesterday. Fresh!

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Number One

That rare moment when you’re the top high score on Game Center… Because there are only 10 players in the whole world for a game that just came out.

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Fiat Fir

Well, technically a pine. Apartment sized! Setting it up soon.

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Car parked on Bay State Road. Mostly 5.25″, some 3.5″.

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My phone is now ready to boldly go.

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