Year: 2017

PodCon Sunset

Obligatory view from the Washington State Convention Center skybridge.

Rainbow Tauntaun

Theo’s latest work. “The man looks cold.” I like the tauntaun’s beard.

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Thankful for Water

Enjoying a pre-pie walk down to the waterfront park.

Pomegranate Knolling

Ready to deseed with Theo!

Space Triangles

The Space Needle is being remodeled and the scaffolding has a cool geometric pattern to it.

Flat Data

The highlight of BrickCon 2017.

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Web of Ash

Noticed this morning that an industrious spider on our balcony had captured a number of ash flakes from the Eagle Creek Fire in her web.

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Planes on a Train

Yesterday while waiting for the bus to Magnolia along Elliot Ave, a train carrying three Boeing 737 fuselages went by. Presumably heading south to Boeing Field from the Everett plant? EDIT: Correction from my uncle and dad: these fuselages were

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Blue Angels

We got a little acrobatic show as we were driving north on 99 past the port.

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Ship in Smoke

The huge container ship Umm Salal coming into Port of Seattle shrouded by smoke from wildfires looks very cyberpunk.

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