Year: 2016


Darcy woke me up early but that allowed me to see a beautiful dawn rainbow over South Lake Union. (Don’t triangulate.)

Tower Crane

We watched some of the tower crane assembly for a new small office tower going up at 9th & Thomas.

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It me. I’m the yuppifier. (This sign posted on the corner of Westlake & Republican, near our apartment in South Lake Union.)

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Can you tell which day we moved to the City of Seven Hills?


Why did I still have this???

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Juno Fireworks

I’m having an Endor moment as Jupiter (newly orbited by Juno) peeks from behind some fir trees as fireworks explode. It’s the tiny white pixel in the lower left.

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Ban Assault Weapons

Below is the short letter I just sent my Congresswoman asking her to support a ban on assault weapons like the AR-15s used in the Sandy Hook shootings and most recently last night the shootings at Pulse nightclub in Orlando. Given that she has in

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Senior Photo

I think I almost managed to make my senior memories trivially machine parsable as a list of dictionaries of lists without really intending to. Proof of how long my nom de web has been around, and one of the few

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The side yards were badly overdue.

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Hearthstone Inn

   I found it! Now where’s my Legendary?

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