Month: July 2013

Wave Cloud

A sculpture by George Sherwood on the Christian Science Plaza. Part of the Convergence exhibit.

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Baby Not Included

Yesterday I tried on the new baby carrier. The manual is of course full of warnings about how improper use will make your baby fall and die.

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It may be hard to make out, but just above that tree and about 1.446 billion kilometers away the Cassini spacecraft is taking a picture of me taking a picture of it, as part of a project to produce a

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Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner

Andrle has been hitting it out of the park with tasty skillet recipes this week.

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Meat Spies

My god, the NSA is in our turkey! America’s bird! Is nothing sacred??

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Making tacos for Andrle and me. Am I doing it right?

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Phone Graveyard

The office PDX was replace with a VoIP system, but they’re still collecting the old handsets.

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Driving Under the Appalachian Trail

It would be lovely to hike a portion of it someday.

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While the ladies are getting pedicures, we’re reliving high school… Except for the watching babies part (not pictured).

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Play SimCity Offline

Made you look. These are some of the old SimCity CCG cards that my sister and I had; I cleaned them out during the move. I had moved them throughout college despite not playing the game in probably 15 years,

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