Month: March 2013

  • Sam Hart in Concert

    I don’t know this guy at all, but great thoughtful acoustic songs (with a geeky bent). Hearkens back to JoCo from five years ago.

  • Empty Expo Hall

    Wish I could play with the demos now…

  • Full Expo Hall

    PAX was crazy busy today. I stuck to the tabletop area mostly.

  • Snowblown

    We had about four inches, and our building’s snow crew cleared the sidewalk onto these parked cars. I like the speckling.

  • Feeding

    She seemed pretty happy with me once I provided a bottle. (Andrle is behind the camera.)

  • Aye Ball

    We’re both in our natural habitat, bouncing along.

  • Uncle Nick

    Or, in Mali, Tonton Nick. Which makes me think of tauntauns… Aye is so cute! She slept in my arms for about an hour.