Year: 2012

New Year’s Trek

An awkward freeze frame from Geordi as we watch “Deja Q” from the third season of TNG.

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Tab A, Slot B

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Stocking Stuffer Assembly

I’ve got Andrle’s jewelry pliers and my Lego skills to build this Arc de Triomphe. Not sure why I have a Paris monuments theme of late.

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Darcy in the Snow

The quick brown dog jumps over…

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White Christmas

Snow enough for Darcy, at any rate.

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Le Tour Eiffel

C’est fini.

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Cookie Blasphemy

Snickerdoodles are my favorite cookie, and I love making them from scratch.

Apocalypse Shirt

I wore my most appropriate tee for the End Times. (Purchased on Topatoco, no longer available.)

Holiday #cookie extravaganza!

Holiday #cookie extravaganza!

Mmm, crema… #snobblend

Mmm, crema… #snobblend