Month: January 2009

Compiling Django with Twitter support as a Mac OS X Universal Binary

This post is a guide for building your own version of Apache’s mod_python as a Universal Binary in order to support a custom Django install containing the Twitter libraries. As you can probably gather, this information is likely only useful to advanced Mac users who are comfortable in Terminal with compiling and installing software from source. If you’re still interested, gird your loins, crack your knuckles, grab some Mountain Dew, and read on.

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Chrome DNS Caching

The Problem Google Chrome has an interesting feature: it maintains its own DNS cache “to improve page load performance”. Whether or not this is a good feature is a debate I’m not terribly interested in, but I have found that

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Local Version Control With Git

Introduction I’ve recently become obsessed with git for version control. I know that there are many git tutorials out there; this is probably redundant, but it focuses on only the simplest operations for my own reference. The git man pages themselves

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Links and brief explanation of FeedBurner feed and comment feed for the blog.

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Vortex Cannon

Introduction I generally do Big Brother on Saturday afternoons from about 2 to 6 at Patrick’s house near Central Square. Sometimes we go out for a museum (a trip to the Museum of Science is likely next week), or a

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I Cast Resurrect Blog

The inaugural post of my return to blogging (this time on a self-hosted WordPress install instead of LiveJournal). I hope my post frequency will be higher than it has been the past 3.5 years.

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