I’m about to head to my polling place (the Hellenic Cultural Center) and bubble in the oval next to Barack Obama.

I originally decided that I would vote for him if he ran after I read his autobiography Dreams From My Father early last year; it wasn’t until MA moved the primary date up to Super Duper Tuesday that I thought that my vote might actually matter. Previously, the MA primary would probably have been too late to decide anything, and I had no worries about MA voting for anyone other than the eventual Democratic candidate.

As for Obama himself, I like his stance on technology and openness (which earned him the endorsement of Lawrence Lessig), as well as his realistic troop-withdrawal plan, and his repeated willingness to negotiate with everyone from belligerent foreign states to Republicans in order to get things done.

A number of my LJ friends have already posted better explanations than this; my peers seem to be going overwhelmingly for Obama. You can see a sample of them as written by , , and , among many others.

It is eerie to me how this election is converging towards the plot of the last season of The West Wing.

I only hope my polling place has I Voted stickers.


2 responses to “Vote!”

  1. I like the excited flappy penguin. I am sad I am far far away and cannot vote but am totally for Obama! As is everyone I have talked to in Mali! Whee!

  2. I would be much, much happier about the election if there were a Republican anything at all like Arnold Vinick on that ballot. But there isn’t. (I think we fooled ourselves for a while that McCain would be that guy, but he’s forfeited too many of those credentials in the past few years to count.)

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