Paul & Storm and Jonathan Coulton

Thanks to ‘s [FUN] post, I went to the absolutely excellent Paul & Storm and Jonathan Coulton concert at Johnny D’s in Davis Square.

P&S opened (am I the only one who thinks Storm looks like Steve Jobs?), but they did backup on at least half of Coulton’s songs. I was introduced to some amusing new music, so I bought a P&S CD and a shirt to add to my Witty T-Shirts line. It also means I can go one more day without doing laundry.

Coulton played a number of the songs that I had heard, most importantly “Code Monkey” (my personal anthem), but also “I Feel Fantastic”, “Skullcrusher Mountain”, “Re: Your Brains”, plus some new-to-me songs. I’ll have to get the Thing A Week boxed set, I think; I was out of cash at the concert.

The audience participation was what made it so great – definitely a big geek crowd. The venue is such that I was in the standing area in the back, but I am tall and remembered my glasses, so it mattered little.

Thanks to a poster in the Johnny D’s mens room, I learned that a Malian griot is performing there in two weeks; I will definitely have to go to that concert.


5 responses to “Paul & Storm and Jonathan Coulton”

  1. That he looks like Steve Jobs is, pathetically, the funniest thing about Storm.

  2. Okay, we get it, uncleamos: you don’t like us.

    Sitting around on a Saturday afternoon googling myself,


  3. Hey guys, don’t worry about Chris — he’s an old grump. He’s like the opposite of Mikey: he hates everything.

    I thought you guys did a kickass show. The (new to me) TMBG-as-ice cream man song was hi-larious. Ditto the nun boxing. And the dyslexic ARRR.

  4. I was trying to explain the nun boxing song to a friend today, and I failed utterly. But it was still awesome.

  5. Eh, it’s possible that the time I saw them they came out flat. Or that I hate Catholic jokes.

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