So, for kicks, I kept the iPod Touch on active scan the entire length of the 1 and 71 bus routes. Along Mass Ave. there were generally at least 15 detectable wireless networks at any given time, thankfully all password-protected. Among some of the network name highlights:

Bush is a Cocksucker






6 responses to “Warbussing”

  1. carnap Avatar

    All password-protected? So you couldn’t just surf the Net on your iPod touch for the entire trip?

  2. hankshiny Avatar

    Sporadically available wireless networks from my house include “Argentina sucks! Nuke Argentina!” and “ALYSSAANDSUSANEQUALSSMELLYWHORES” (or two other names, I don’t remember for sure).

  3. stormwynd Avatar

    ONe of my neighbors has a wireless network named “INTERNETISFORPORN”. I give him double props, one for the Avenue Q reference and the other for saying it like it is.

    How do you like the iPod Touch?

  4. Nicolas Ward Avatar

    Some were open networks, but I never had more than one bar, and the bus moved before I could do anything.

  5. Nicolas Ward Avatar

    Heh, I was exposed to that song via the WoW machinima of it. I would probably enjoy the whole musical, neh?

  6. stormwynd Avatar

    Eh. Avenue Q is one of the cleverest musicals I’ve seen in a long time. How can you not like a play filled with raunchy Muppets? :-)

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