So, for kicks, I kept the iPod Touch on active scan the entire length of the 1 and 71 bus routes. Along Mass Ave. there were generally at least 15 detectable wireless networks at any given time, thankfully all password-protected. Among some of the network name highlights:

Bush is a Cocksucker

6 comments on “Warbussing
  1. carnap says:

    All password-protected? So you couldn’t just surf the Net on your iPod touch for the entire trip?

  2. hankshiny says:

    Sporadically available wireless networks from my house include “Argentina sucks! Nuke Argentina!” and “ALYSSAANDSUSANEQUALSSMELLYWHORES” (or two other names, I don’t remember for sure).

  3. stormwynd says:

    ONe of my neighbors has a wireless network named “INTERNETISFORPORN”. I give him double props, one for the Avenue Q reference and the other for saying it like it is.

    How do you like the iPod Touch?

  4. Nicolas Ward says:

    Some were open networks, but I never had more than one bar, and the bus moved before I could do anything.

  5. Nicolas Ward says:

    Heh, I was exposed to that song via the WoW machinima of it. I would probably enjoy the whole musical, neh?

  6. stormwynd says:

    Eh. Avenue Q is one of the cleverest musicals I’ve seen in a long time. How can you not like a play filled with raunchy Muppets? :-)

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