My local Star Market now carries Victory beers, including Storm King Imperial Stout, Golden Monkey Trippel, and Hop Devil.

I win.

11 comments on “Victory!
  1. kid_prufrock says:

    Holy crap! You don’t just win, you pwn!

    (I wish they sold more PA beers in NC.)

  2. foxfour says:

    hop devil makes me think of duvel, which makes me want duvel.

  3. grrrrrrrr…..

    Then again, you don’t get O’Fallon Smoke, or the Schlafly Export IPA, so at least I lose a little bit less then I would otherwise. I guess.

  4. Rarely has an LJ post been so aptly titled.

  5. flurious says:

    no prima pils?

  6. tamias says:

    Wish I had some too. :(

  7. ursule says:

    The Pacific Northwest can beat up your beer stores.

  8. Nicolas Ward says:

    Ah, yes, they did have that too. There were four choices, I had forgotten the fourth.

  9. Nicolas Ward says:

    Magic Hat and Samuel Adams are the craft beers that are relatively easy to get around here… seeing Victory is very nice. I don’t see much Dogfish Head, though.

  10. Nicolas Ward says:

    Aaaand I found a Belgian beer place in Brookline that I will have to try.

  11. Belgians and imports are no problem around here. We got pretty much all the imports I came across in Philly, and actually a few more German beers than usual. It’s the domestic craft brews that St. Louis is missing.

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