My local Star Market now carries Victory beers, including Storm King Imperial Stout, Golden Monkey Trippel, and Hop Devil.

I win.






11 responses to “Victory!”

  1. kid_prufrock Avatar

    Holy crap! You don’t just win, you pwn!

    (I wish they sold more PA beers in NC.)

  2. foxfour Avatar

    hop devil makes me think of duvel, which makes me want duvel.

  3. entropydevice Avatar


    Then again, you don’t get O’Fallon Smoke, or the Schlafly Export IPA, so at least I lose a little bit less then I would otherwise. I guess.

  4. think_too_much Avatar

    Rarely has an LJ post been so aptly titled.

  5. flurious Avatar

    no prima pils?

  6. tamias Avatar

    Wish I had some too. :(

  7. ursule Avatar

    The Pacific Northwest can beat up your beer stores.

  8. Nicolas Ward Avatar

    Ah, yes, they did have that too. There were four choices, I had forgotten the fourth.

  9. Nicolas Ward Avatar

    Magic Hat and Samuel Adams are the craft beers that are relatively easy to get around here… seeing Victory is very nice. I don’t see much Dogfish Head, though.

  10. Nicolas Ward Avatar

    Aaaand I found a Belgian beer place in Brookline that I will have to try.

  11. entropydevice Avatar

    Belgians and imports are no problem around here. We got pretty much all the imports I came across in Philly, and actually a few more German beers than usual. It’s the domestic craft brews that St. Louis is missing.

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