Suzanne Vega in Concert

put out a call on the Boston [FUN] list that there was a ticket for tonight’s Suzanne Vega concert at the Somerville Theater. I was ‘s last-minute replacement; I also got to chat briefly with Amy (Why am I blanking on your LJ? Stupid brain.), , and before and after the show.

It was good; I had heard some of her stuff on Radio Paradise, but I’m not an obsessed fan or anything. I was admittedly stingy with the standing ovation; I like to reserve those for when I’m really impressed. Also, I think planned encores are a little silly.

The opening act had some funny songs, and some with really cheesy lyrics. All in all, a good dose of culture for the evening.

I almost missed the concert, because while turning onto Rindge coming from work, my entire rear derailleur assembly fell off. I assume the locking screw has been missing for weeks, and it only just then worked its way loose from the rear axle spear. Dear Boston: repave your roads. Also, when you need to dig up a road for a utility fix, do a complete patch all the way across instead of a half-assed one that is just going to turn into a ditch of potholes. Thankfully, a quick repair on the sidewalk by Fresh Pond Parkway prevented from waiting outside the theater for too long.


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  1. unless he lied in his concert e0mail, the opened act was Richard Julian, one of my favorite singer/songwriters from NYC.

  2. Yeah, i texted you to asked whether he’s the guy who did “You and the Roaches and Me”, but you may not have gotten it. If we’d been more confident in our identification, we might have requested it, but he didn’t play it on his own. He played a quiet acoustic set of mostly serious songs without great lyrics.

  3. Yes, that’s him. I rarely have my phone on, so you did successfully text my phone but I didn’t notice until now.

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