Sabbath Cheating

Random thought of the day:

Today’s gospel was Luke 13:10-17, the story of Jesus healing a woman in the temple on the Sabbath.

I was reminded that, sometime shortly after learning this story in Sunday School, my sister and I started saying on Sundays that we couldn’t do our chores because it was the day of rest. I think my dad sort of bought it, too.

And The Tide Rushes In” from Question Of Balance by The Moody Blues


2 responses to “Sabbath Cheating”

  1. Actually, if I remember my Laura Ingalls Wilder correctly, that’s not an unconventional line of thinking! They did the bare minimum to make sure the animals were fed, etc, and then stayed inside reading the Bible.

  2. Yes, but we were definitely not reading the Bible! :oD

    I mean, we went to church every Sunday, but I think we were probably dodging chores so we could watch football or play outside or something.

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