Month: August 2007

Science + Christianity T-shirt Idea

Thanks to ‘s reaction to my regular “Churchylizing” away message for Sunday mornings, the following t-shirt idea popped into my head. However, I’m not sure on the proper way to art it up, since I haven’t taken chemistry in 7

Sabbath Cheating

Random thought of the day: Today’s gospel was Luke 13:10-17, the story of Jesus healing a woman in the temple on the Sabbath. I was reminded that, sometime shortly after learning this story in Sunday School, my sister and I

Luggage Culture

So, my flight from Minneapolis back to Boston happened to have a group of at least 50 Japanese students. While waiting for my checked baggage, I noticed something: the typical American traveler uses what I would call a roller bag


I think I saw 2001 the movie first, certainly didn’t understand it, then I read all four books in high school at some point. I don’t think I was even aware that there was a second movie until Netflix recommended