Year: 2007

Paul & Storm and Jonathan Coulton

Thanks to ‘s [FUN] post, I went to the absolutely excellent Paul & Storm and Jonathan Coulton concert at Johnny D’s in Davis Square. P&S opened (am I the only one who thinks Storm looks like Steve Jobs?), but they

Stolen Ringtone

Now people are going to think I have a Kanye West ringtone. I pulled out a short snippet of the Daft Punk song “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger”, because it sounds good on the dinky phone speaker, and I work too


So, for kicks, I kept the iPod Touch on active scan the entire length of the 1 and 71 bus routes. Along Mass Ave. there were generally at least 15 detectable wireless networks at any given time, thankfully all password-protected.


My local Star Market now carries Victory beers, including Storm King Imperial Stout, Golden Monkey Trippel, and Hop Devil. I win.

XKCD Meetup

Well, I survived. My best estimate is that 700-800 people were there at the event’s peak, which was far more than I expected. I suspect that the SWIL equivalents at nearby academic institutions helped mobilize everyone. There was a preponderance

XKCD Meetup

In about an hour, I’ll be at some coordinates in North Cambridge that were specified in this web comic. If you don’t hear from me, assume it was all a trap and that I’ve been eaten by raptors.

Suzanne Vega in Concert

put out a call on the Boston [FUN] list that there was a ticket for tonight’s Suzanne Vega concert at the Somerville Theater. I was ‘s last-minute replacement; I also got to chat briefly with Amy (Why am I blanking

Traffic Law Question

A motorcycle officer passes you in the left lane while you are in the right lane; his lights are blinking, but there is no siren. He pulls into the intersection you are approaching, and stops traffic (your light was already

Things I Learned This Week

To get into the building where you get your Harvard ID, you need a Harvard ID. Yelling “share the road” at a car looks like “asshole” (same vowels) if said car’s windows are closed. I can go on a blind

Irregular Verbs

So, I was having a discussion about verb tenses with a friend who is a copyeditor at a newspaper. The subject turned to us complaining about “pleaded” – the newspaperese past tense of “to plead”. Both of our NESIs say