Last 24th before 24

Tomorrow I turn 24. I suspect that, like last fall’s 22 -> 23 transition, it will seem like nothing happened. Word on the street is that a card from Grandma is in the mail.

I spent the weekend in Detroit, hanging out with high school buddies Gus and Markus, and generally being lazy drunken oafs. I finally saw both Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle and the Family Guy movie; we also saw The Prestige (abso-bally-utely excellent!) and Man of the Year (good and funny).

I had forgotten that some areas of the country do not have smoking laws, and so all of my clothes got pretty stinky bowling and barhopping. Ah well. Laundry now.

4 comments on “Last 24th before 24
  1. mst3kforall says:

    Hey, happy birthday!

  2. flammifera says:

    I finally got around to looking up The Prestige, and I *had* heard of it before, thanks to ‘s anticipation of the movie. Did you see The Illusionist? If so, how did the two compare?

  3. flurious says:

    dunno how it was for you, but 20 was the weird one for me. The three after were just business as usual.

  4. somebodyku says:

    how did the birthday gaming go? what did you end up playing(/as)?

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