Employee Communication

On Tuesday, I received 78 e-mails at work. This is over an order of magnitude above normal. This is what happens when there are two things being evaluated in my group next week, and lots of planning for future projects.

On Wednesday, we had an All Hands meeting. It was very long, but interesting. There are going to be changes, but none of them affect me in any substantial way. There is an advantage to being an entry-level technical employee. There was a nice BBQ afterwards. The guy at the ice cream truck handed me my ice cream and said “There you go, young man!” as if I were 7. I made the mistake of complaining about this later; I expect to be repeatedly called “young man” by some of my coworkers for at least a week.

Tonight I was at work until 10 pm. Yes, I work a lot. Yes, I work well into the night, forgoing dinner until late. However, I came up with a truly elegant hack to an otherwise intractable problem that I implemented quickly and, hey, it works, too. Of course, if the site had just met our parameters like they said they would, we wouldn’t have the problem in the first place. Still, any time I can make Microsoft products do my bidding is a good time.

I am on a business trip October 30th through November 3rd, including travel. There is a Big Important Meeting™ in Santa Fe. This is cool for several reasons, not the least of which is that I have never been to New Mexico, so this will X out my 46th state. On top of that, we have to take a small commuter-type plane from Denver to Santa Fe, so that will also be a new experience. Wheee! Also, the project that is associated with the meeting is fun to work on.

I work and I sleep; WoW, the occasional TV show, and books fit in there as well. And the Internets. Mostly work and WoW, though.


6 responses to “Employee Communication”

  1. well done, young man.

    has your star trek arrived yet? :)

    you’ve never taken a commuter plane? well, I guess that’s what you get when you live in a big city in the middle of nowhere :-p flights from p-town to Seattle are always exciting, especially with turbulence over the Cascades.

    what other TV shows have you been watching? October 6th is nearing…!

  2. WoW will be the death of me. Finished the Scarlet Monastary quests and hit level 36 last night.

    Tell me, young man, do you have any advice for the best way to get from 36 to 40 really, really fast? Must…have…horse!

  3. What class are you playing?

  4. Sorry. Paladin. Currently 9/7/11 on his way to 9/31/11.

  5. Young man, you’ve never taken a small plane?! ;)

    Sorry, had to jump on the bandwagon there…

  6. If you want to see humans, there are a number of them in the general area. And we want to see you.

    Meanwhile, I just ported a nifty little codetoy of mine from Perl to Python, improving its interface and scriptability along the way, which makes me stupendoulsly happy.

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