Transit Meme

They definitely need to have the Seattle Monorail on there.

Got at!

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  1. reldnahkram Avatar

    The Seattle Monorail is not a metro system. It’s not a subway or a system similar to a subway.

    The inclusion of Muni is questionable, IMHO.

  2. wayman Avatar

    Muni is weird, being more-or-less an underground streetcar, but it’s definitely entirely a subway system, unlike SEPTA’s “subway-surface” trolleys.

    (Well, that part of Muni, that is. Not the F-Market PCC cars and the cable cars, of course!)

  3. ccommack Avatar

    The ones I was surprised at were St. Louis Metrolink and Pittsburgh PAT, which are clearly light rail. If “runs partly underground” is the criterion they’re using, then Newark City Subway and Hudson-Bergen LR should both be added. Else, there’s a bunch that need to go away

  4. oh_no_the_snake Avatar

    The existing monorail isn’t even really transit – it’s more of a tourist attraction. It goes from the space needle to a big mall downtown, and that’s it. There was an effort to build a monorail to serve the north-south corridor on the west side of the city, and there were four votes in support of it, then after financing troubles and with all the necessary property already acquired, it was killed in a fifth vote. Now it seems the gods of the single rail have cursed the city.

  5. Nicolas Ward Avatar

    I liked it better when monorails were the future.

  6. Nicolas Ward Avatar

    I guess I was thinking “things on rails”. The Seattle Monorail doesn’t have enough stops to be a “system”, I suppose.

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