Requiem for a Dream

and I just finished Requiem for a Dream. It’s hard to call a movie like that “good”; I usually say “well-done”, because it was. It’s just not the kind of movie you want to see.

I thought back to the incredibly lame and cheesy “scary” anti-drug movies we watched in health class in middle school. I wonder if this movie would be effective at all. In the “Making of” segment on the DVD, the director did mention that he didn’t intend it to be a movie specifically about drugs, but any of the things that give us a high or can be addictive – TV, food, WoW, etc.

As far as Aronofsky’s work, I definitely enjoyed Pi more. The style was somehow more interesting, and the possible conspiracy plot fascinated me. Requiem was just plain disturbing.

I think the advice that someone gave me a while ago still stands: see this movie, but don’t see it alone.






3 responses to “Requiem for a Dream”

  1. jere7my Avatar

    Yeah, I loved that movie, but…well, I watched it after hours with my fellow employees at the State, and we just sort of sat there in stunned silence until well after the credits ended. Then there was a period of whimpering.


  2. gerbilicious85 Avatar

    I think Miriam and some of her friends watched that freshman year but I was doing homework or something. Maybe someday I’ll get around to watching it.

  3. sonatanator Avatar

    I loved it, largely because the filmmaking was so engrossing. And Ellen Burstyn was fantastic! And the gave the Oscar to Julia Roberts that year. Grrrr.

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