Spoon vs. Disposal

Disposal wins.

7 comments on “Spoon vs. Disposal
  1. tirerim says:

    this is why drain screens are important even with garbage disposals.

  2. uncleamos says:

    Unless you’re trying to use the disposal!

  3. tirerim says:

    Well, yeah, but then ideally you don’t have utensils in the sink.

    I think there’s also something to be said for having a screen with holes big enough for most food, but smaller than the width of a spoon (or, really, a knife), and just leaving it in most of the time.

  4. flurious says:

    was it a flawless victory?

  5. uncleamos says:

    Or have the usual two sinks.

  6. stormwynd says:

    Yes, but was it a fair contest? Try eating ice cream with the disposal, and see how the disposal fares.


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