Day: June 11, 2006

The Appeal of Myst

The fundamental reason why I love the plots of the Myst games is because of their founding premise: that books literally take you to other worlds. That appealed to me when I played the first Myst on our old PowerPC

Wandering in the Myst

When I was at the Apple Store yesterday, I picked up Myst IV: Revelations for cheap, since it’s an older game. They’ve done a really amazing job of extending the pre-rendered pannable interaction; between the excellent ambient sound design the


As I was walking back from Star Market just now, there was a pair of hawks circling my apartment house, riding asphalt thermals and screeching a lot. I think this is the first time I’ve seen a bird of prey

Church Services of Unusual Length

I didn’t think they existed… until now. A typical LBW liturgy Lutheran service weighs in at just over an hour, with some variability for sermon length. University Lutheran’s tend to be on the longer side, because there is some serious