Month: June 2006


A few recent posts from others on their dreams reminded me – I haven’t had any vivid dreams lately. I’m not sure if it’s work stress, or not enough sleep, or too much caffeine, or just growing up, but it’s

Requiem for a Dream

and I just finished Requiem for a Dream. It’s hard to call a movie like that “good”; I usually say “well-done”, because it was. It’s just not the kind of movie you want to see. I thought back to the

Dialing Wands

I was on a business trip down to D.C. this week, and at the hotel I saw something I had never seen before: elevator dialing wands. Every elevator panel, inside the car or at each elevator lobby, had an 18″

D&D Meetup

So I tried out a D&D Meetup ( at the Boston Beerworks near Fenway. Five other guys showed up; they all seemed pretty cool, although unfortunately most of them live way oot and want to run games in the ‘burbs

The Hatred Frequency

I have discovered what I call the Hatred Frequency™. I call it that, because if you hear it long enough, it will cause you to hate everything, and eventually slip into an inescapable murderous rage. I’m not sure how long


Today one of my coworkers offered me, as she called it, raktajino – aka Klingon coffee. Obviously, there is not actually any such thing, but we Trekkies can dream. In actuality, it was some coffee from Sudan. This stuff was

Spoon vs. Disposal

Disposal wins.

The Appeal of Myst

The fundamental reason why I love the plots of the Myst games is because of their founding premise: that books literally take you to other worlds. That appealed to me when I played the first Myst on our old PowerPC

Wandering in the Myst

When I was at the Apple Store yesterday, I picked up Myst IV: Revelations for cheap, since it’s an older game. They’ve done a really amazing job of extending the pre-rendered pannable interaction; between the excellent ambient sound design the


As I was walking back from Star Market just now, there was a pair of hawks circling my apartment house, riding asphalt thermals and screeching a lot. I think this is the first time I’ve seen a bird of prey