Internet Amazement

I just received an e-mail from my 12th cousin. As in our common ancestor was born in 1601. 1601!!!

Now do you see why I think it’s neat that I put some deep ancestral info online as part of my family tree?

I am still astounded. 12th cousin. Holy shit, the Internets are amazing.


3 responses to “Internet Amazement”

  1. Oh, very cool!

    … I wonder what happened to our family tree.

  2. I fondly remember the day I announced to my parents, at Thanksgiving dinner no less, that they were themselves cousins, each descended from the same child of a Saxon (as in German) duke of the 1100s. I forget which number cousins precisely (and I think it was once removed), but it was in the twenties.

    A high school friend of mine is a ninth (I think)-generation descendent of John Forbes Murray, who bought the entirity of Naushon Island (Massachusetts) in 1856; the island had been completely privately owned since 1658 through a very unusual sort of deed. The island is completely closed to all except immediate descendents of Murray and their relatives and guests, and every summer much of the entire family gathers on the (rather large, maybe 12 square miles) island. So she’s known and been friends with several dozens of her ~ninth-cousins since childhood, an extremely peculiar situation!

    (Though generationally, the years would suggest more like sixth-cousins, if it’s descendents of Forbes; and until reading this I’d remembered it as being descendents of the original purchaser in the seventeenth century. So I’m a bit unclear on the details. Still fascinating.)

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