Month: May 2006

  • Someone Else’s Gradumutation

    I’m leaving presently to Swarthmore to see the Class of ’06 gradumutate. Thanks to Yale House and their ample crash space, and to Amtrak (and the T and SEPTA) and the way in which today they will not have any massive power failures. I’ll see some of you Swatward!

  • How Many Lutherans Does It Take To Screw In a Light Bulb?

    The answer is 8: 3 to get the ladder down from the choir loft, 3 to set up and hold the ladder, 1 to climb 60 feet up the ladder to the top of the sanctuary, and 1 to point out to the one at the top of the ladder that it’s “lefty loosie, righty […]

  • DING! Level 60!

    My main World of Warcraft character has reached Level 60. Some of you might think this means I’m done; however, there are still tons of fun quests to do in the high-level areas. By the time I’m done with those, the expansion increasing the maximum level to 70 will be available. Not to mention the […]

  • Internet Amazement

    I just received an e-mail from my 12th cousin. As in our common ancestor was born in 1601. 1601!!! Now do you see why I think it’s neat that I put some deep ancestral info online as part of my family tree? I am still astounded. 12th cousin. Holy shit, the Internets are amazing.

  • In Summary

    I think this summarizes my day rather well: LiveJournal Haiku! Your name: UltraNurd Your haiku: to tell the boss howwe want to be in a nicepackage some of us Username: Created by Grahame