Month: May 2006

Someone Else’s Gradumutation

I’m leaving presently to Swarthmore to see the Class of ’06 gradumutate. Thanks to Yale House and their ample crash space, and to Amtrak (and the T and SEPTA) and the way in which today they will not have any

How Many Lutherans Does It Take To Screw In a Light Bulb?

The answer is 8: 3 to get the ladder down from the choir loft, 3 to set up and hold the ladder, 1 to climb 60 feet up the ladder to the top of the sanctuary, and 1 to point

DING! Level 60!

My main World of Warcraft character has reached Level 60. Some of you might think this means I’m done; however, there are still tons of fun quests to do in the high-level areas. By the time I’m done with those,

Internet Amazement

I just received an e-mail from my 12th cousin. As in our common ancestor was born in 1601. 1601!!! Now do you see why I think it’s neat that I put some deep ancestral info online as part of my

In Summary

I think this summarizes my day rather well: LiveJournal Haiku! Your name: UltraNurd Your haiku: to tell the boss howwe want to be in a nicepackage some of us Username: Created by Grahame