The transition from a solemn tenebrae service at University Lutheran directly into the collegiate hubbub of Harvard Square on a Friday is rather jarring. I kept whistling hymns to try and keep my mind in the right place… but I did crack a small when a drunk guy on the bus quipped, in his best horror movie narrator impression, “Zombie Jesus… he died for your sins, now he’s back… FOR YOUR BRAINS!!!”.

5 comments on “Jarring
  1. flammifera says:

    I agree — I left a Stations of the Cross service at Old St. Joseph’s (a Jesuit church in old city) and had to plunge back into buses, dancing talk, and traffic lights, in a crazy trip to Trenton and a sketchy military surplus warehouse. Ultimately interesting, but jarring.

  2. star_ash says:

    I sure hope you noticed the most excellent word play between your choice of music and the drunk guy’s comments. :-P

  3. reldnahkram says:

    Cracked a small what?

  4. Nicolas Ward says:

    Yes, my mother pointed this out as well. Cracked a smile. I have no idea what linguistic failure occurred in my brain for that one; they’re not even homonyms!

  5. Nicolas Ward says:

    Wow. I just now realized what you were talking about. “Mind in the right place” indeed.

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