Flashback – Mid ’90s

Overheard this evening at the pizza place: “Do you remember pogs?”.

Well, I remember pogs. I never had any myself, but my sister had a few. I know I bought her the equivalent of an aggie marble, although I forget what they were called. It was green, sparkly plastic with a penny inside. We did collect all of the Apollo 13 Burger King tie-in Saturn V pogholder sections.

This was when I was heavily into CCGs: M:tG, which I never really enjoyed, and the Star Trek and Star Wars CCGs. My sister and I also got a Sim City CCG set, because we were addicted to Sim City 2000.

Good times.


6 responses to “Flashback – Mid ’90s”

  1. SWCCG was the best!! I played that with all my friends. I even have 6 of my old decks on the shelf right next to me! Huzzah! Come to Swarthmore to visit and we can throw down.

  2. I’ll get destroyed – I never invested in enough cards to put together a good deck. This was demonstrated to me most severely when Joel (an alum from several years ago) completely destroyed me with a Stormtrooper deck.

    I had a movie-oriented destroy-the-Death-Star deck, whereas his modeled what would have actually happened to the rebels if plot wasn’t on their side.

    I much prefer the ST:TNG CCG (I haven’t played the various DS9 and Voyager expansions). I think my favorite victory was when I intentionally released the Borg Cube dilemma on one of my own outposts so I could use the Tox Uthat to Supernova it for 45 points.

  3. I still have all my pogs. I hosted a pog tournament study break for my hall last semester and discovered–pogs kind of suck. It’s a lot more fun as a drinking game.

  4. I played against that Stormtrooper deck hundreds, if not thousands, of times. (Rooming with Joel can be … detrimental … to one’s academic life.) I’ve still got a few decks around somewhere. That was a fabulous CCG.

  5. Fine, then. Come to Swat, and play against me, if you prefer ST:TNG CCG.

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