Wave of the future, wave of the future, wave of the future, wave of the future…

5 comments on “I HAVE HD
  1. flurious says:

    not until it flies around your house it’s not.

  2. stepleton says:

    HD is nothing to be ashamed of: millions of men each year get HD as part of the natural aging process. You should talk to your doctor about HD and see if any of a variety of popular and safe medications are right for you. Don’t let HD stop you from having a full and rewarding romantic life—see your doctor today!

  3. irilyth says:

    I’m definitely curious to hear more about how the EyeTV software works out, especially if it can do the Tivo Season Pass thing (and not just the VCR+ thing).

  4. Welcome to the world OF TOMORROW!

    (No, I don’t have HD myself.)

  5. What the hell, Nick? I mean, WHAT THE HELL?! Got something against donuts? Or are you JUST TOO GOOD for core memory?

    I’ll tell you what, man–it was precisely this kind of hubris that produced COBOL, and we all know how well *that’s* turning out…

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