Month: February 2006

A Good Holiday

Even though the building was officially closed, I (along with a disturbingly large number of people from my group) chose to work today. This is primarily because I am going to be gone for the next week, and I don’t

Flashback – Mid ’90s

Overheard this evening at the pizza place: “Do you remember pogs?”. Well, I remember pogs. I never had any myself, but my sister had a few. I know I bought her the equivalent of an aggie marble, although I forget

Bad Teeth

I’ve been DVRing the Winter Olympics since they started, which is a great way to skip commercials and see only the events that you care about. In seeing all of the athletes, from all over the world, I have made

Sign Up Now!

Ugh. The only mail I got today was two credit card offers from other banks, and a “special membership” offer from my bank. I signed up for that opt-out thing online, but that website said it could take months before

Oh, fine!

I’ll cave. Set phasers to mock. Johari Nohari


While walking back from the bus stop, the following tunes popped into my head: “The wonderful thing about blizzards / is blizzards are wonderful things…” “We’re off into the blizzard / the wonderful Blizzard of Boz…” I urge you to

Lutherans Closed Due To Weather

Never in my recollection has church been canceled due to a few snow flakes. It’s entirely possible that my memory has been skewed by the excellent Minneapolis-area snowplow system (largely municipal and county, as opposed to private contractors), or that

Busy, Busy

I did get a brief break after the madness in January, but now we’re moving full-tilt into doing a metric boatload of data processing in preparation for some demos and evaluations coming in the next few months. It turns out


Wave of the future, wave of the future, wave of the future, wave of the future…

Netflix vs. Blockbuster

Strictly speaking, this is not the Postal Service’s Fault, but it’s very amusing. I was wondering why my Netflix envelope seemed bulkier than normal – turns out that someone else’s Blockbuster Online DVD envelope was wedged between the send and