The Apocalypse

I wasn’t paying attention while showering this morning, and I soaped before I shampooed! I can’t even remember violating this routine; I’m pretty sure I’ve maintained it since I started showers instead of baths.

The world is going to end.






13 responses to “The Apocalypse”

  1. reldnahkram Avatar

    I always soap before shampooing.

  2. wayman Avatar

    Ah, but how about zip-fasten or fasten-zip?

  3. uncleamos Avatar

    But you shampoo before de-soaping, right?

  4. reldnahkram Avatar

    If I’m trying to be super-efficient, yes.

  5. stormwynd Avatar

    Critical question: does your usual routine go “shampoo, rinse, soap, rinse” or “shampoo, soap, rinse both at once”?

  6. Nicolas Ward Avatar

    I rinse in between.

  7. Nicolas Ward Avatar

    Zip-fasten, of course.

  8. Nicolas Ward Avatar

    You can’t have both shampoo and soap on you at the same time. You’d be too clean for the universe to tolerate you, and entropy would kick you out.

  9. tlex Avatar

    i mix it up.

    is that too unorthodox?

  10. Nicolas Ward Avatar

    Hi! Who’re you?

  11. tlex Avatar

    Hi, i’m Lexxy. I live in swansea, ma. i dont think we actually know each other, i just found you on random search. <3.

    your icon is adoreable. ha.

  12. Nicolas Ward Avatar

    It’s the only way my brain functions. The Dew is Life!!!

  13. tlex Avatar

    So, those are really tanks of mountain dew that feed directly into your brain?

    that’s some dedication.

    do you have aol instant messenger?

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