New Cell Phone

I now have one of the technological objects I have been lusting after for some time: A Motorola RAZR.

I know I said a few weeks ago that I wasn’t planning on getting a new phone, but T-mobile offered a pretty ridiculous deal after rebate. Switching to T-mobile means I am no longer a customer service orphan, and I can make free calls to my parental units and sister.

Another deal-sweetener is that the phone came with a bluetooth headset, which I can use for Skype or iChat voice chat on my computer.

I’ve already created a custom ringtone for it, a loop from a snippet of “Clubbed to Death” by Rob Dougan, one version of which appeared on the Matrix soundtrack. Unfortunately, the phone does not loop mp3 ringtones continuously, so all of my effort to make a loopable file was pointless as there is a distinct pause in the ring. I’m just glad I have a nifty customized ring that didn’t cost me $4 to download.

This phone is very, very pretty, although Jeff at T-mobile said it can be pretty fragile. I’ll have to be careful with it. Jeff also asked if I wanted the pink version. Although I’m a fan of being different, I think I’ve left my days of picking hot pink as my favorite color because it wasn’t anyone else’s favorite were left behind in 1st grade.

I have named the phone Spot, continuing my new pattern of naming things after Star Trek animals. I realize that Spot was an individual (Data’s cat) as opposed to a species, but I don’t particularly care. It also resulted in this most amusing Bluetooth connection dialog box: “Bind Spot to Tribble?”.

My new phone number will appear in my profile and in a friends-locked post.


5 responses to “New Cell Phone”

  1. Bind Spot to Tribble?

    *spits coffee all over keyboard*

    I have this surreal image of Data, Spot, a tribble, and a large spool of duct tape.

  2. Emily has a razor, and we have discussed its merits. She got it for one reason – because it’s so thin, it fits in women’s pockets.

    But I feel that it’s so wide that it’s not actually really small or easy to use. Your thoughts?

  3. None yet – I’ve been using the headset a lot, because that’s nice for long conversations when I’m in my apartment and doing tidying and the like.

  4. I’m eh on the RAZR. Chuck, one of my coworkers, has one, and I agree with Chris, it may be thin, but it’s large in the other two dimensions. My current phone (reasonably old LG flip phone) is roughly business card sized, not counting the stub antenna. It’s the right size.

    I have more to say on this topic, but it’s getting a thread on my journal.

  5. Why not just repeat the part of the mp3 a bunch of times and use that file as your ringtone (assuming you want a continuously repeating sound). You could decompress the mp3 to wav, use a wav-editor and just copy-paste the segment a bunch of times thus leaving no gap.


    P.S. I see you have logged my IP address.. I assume you don’t get many anonymous posters from the UK ;)

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