So playing World of Warcraft on my new computer into the wee hours of the morning increased my monthly energy usage by 40 kWh. Maybe I should cut back…

Still addicted to WoW.

5 comments on “Electricity
  1. reldnahkram says:

    Is it strictly Wow or is it the new computer in general?

  2. Thanks for reminding me to turn off shaftoe, since it’s not doing anything right now anyway.

  3. Nicolas Ward says:

    I’m assuming that the computer is at its maximum power usage when the CPU and GPU are going full tilt. Especially if that lasts for, say, 18 out of 24 hours in a given day.

  4. reldnahkram says:

    Well, do the math. When did you get the new computer, what dates does the bill cover, what’s the power supply wattage, etc.

    18 out of 24?

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