It really isn’t supposed to snow this early in Boston, is it? I mean I’m not in Minnesota anymore! On the other hand, the super-wet insta-melt snow is very pretty.

This does mean that I have to take the T to go visit Jo over at BU to celebrate my birthday. She baked me a cake! And here I didn’t think I was going to get one. My sister rocks.

Still addicted to WoW.






7 responses to “Snow!!!”

  1. crystalpyramid Avatar

    My lab partner, Zach Wolfson, talks about nothing but WoW. And I talk about nothing but SWIL. It actually works surprisingly well. He thinks more SWILfolk ought to play WoW.

  2. flammifera Avatar

    You have snow?! I’m so jealous!

    Also, my T-equivalent (the trolleys that run from West Philly) will probably be unavailable come Monday, since it looks like SEPTA workers are going on strike. Le suck…I was planning to ride my bike less as it got colder.

  3. carnap Avatar

    I’m jealous of your snow too. I like the California weather, but I miss snow. Also hurricanes – September just isn’t the same without the chance that you’ll suddenly lose power for two weeks.

  4. star_ash Avatar

    Snow? Ha ha! This southern gal is not jealous. ;) (Although we’ve actually had some lows in the thirties this past week).
    Also, happy (slightly belated) birthday.

  5. tirerim Avatar

    I generally think of Boston as having a climate roughly comparable to Plattsburgh, and we used to have about a 50% chance of having snow by Halloween. I don’t think they’ve had snow yet this year, but there’s a chance for Wednesday according to the current forecast.

  6. Nicolas Ward Avatar

    We got a nor’easter last week.

  7. Nicolas Ward Avatar

    We could have a guild! It would be awesome!

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