Haulin’ Cargo

Today I purchased a nice lightweight cordless trimmer to maintain my bzzzzzzz. The box was about a centimeter too large in each dimension to fit in either pannier, so I had to harness the Power of Bungee and attach the box to the rear rack. This is the exact sort of eventuality that I expected when I purchased two bungee cords at my local hardware store.

I was able to velcro my normal rear pack sort of around the bungee cords, and still have a functional mountpoint for my rear light, as it was dusk by the time I escaped Target. I only had one superjerk who tried to press my out of my lane.

Do you think a huge “I AM A CAR” sign on my back would help? The problem is on single lane (or single + full parking lane) roads, where I really want to stay out of the lane because I go about a third of the speed of the cars on such a road, and the lines are usually marked to prevent passing, and I know I’d get even more negative attention if I actually took a full vehicle’s space.

This morning I was a good little boy and avoided the temptation to cut over onto the sidewalk and pass the combination of garbage truck and tree service trucks that completely blocked traffic for about 3 minutes. Waiting in traffic builds character, or something.

Incidentally, the clippers cost less than two haircuts at the local Coolidge Square barbershop/gougefest. I also picked up a cheap pair of bike gloves, which are sort of like high-tech hobo gloves (aka rummaging gloves). In the words of the hymn the choir sang this past Sunday, “And suffer me not to spill”.