Yup. I definitely said “what’s up?” to my boss today.

Le gran sigh.






7 responses to “Whoops.”

  1. uncleamos Avatar

    What did s/he say back?

  2. irilyth Avatar

    Is that bad?

  3. bloodorange Avatar

    Yesterday I, hurtling down the West Side Highway with my boss, compared paste-paper decoration (it’s a book-arts thing) to ejaculating purple onto some paper and smearing it around.

    He was like “Totally, dude!”

    I fucking adore my job.

  4. sildra Avatar

    English isn’t my boss’s native language (although he’s very fluent), so I think he goes out of his way to use colloquialisms like that. He also has a sense of humor. Consequently, he sometimes says some things that sound really weird 1) coming from one’s boss, and 2) coming from a 40-something man with a thick German accent. On the other hand, I’ve heard my labmates say some rather strange things to him, too.

  5. llamaontheloose Avatar

    Dude! That’s awesome! What the hell kind of job do you have?

  6. bloodorange Avatar

    I work here part-time (the aforementioned situation), and here (where I wouldn’t say anything about ejaculating but would say “what’s up?”).

  7. hankshiny Avatar

    I friended you because I probably should have long ago. (Jonah from Yale House, as may or may not be clear from my journal). I don’t think “what’s up?” is an especially inappropriate thing to say to one’s boss.

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